Yoga Undressed – review

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There have been many articles on the web recently about the practice of nude yoga. However, much of the clothes free yoga links to be found on the Internet are either not really about yoga (you know what I mean) or is yoga presented by models rather than genuine yoga teachers or practicitioners. Into that void comes the Yoga undressed Series of videos. Presented by a bone fide yoga teacher Jennifer Kries the Yoga Undressed series provides three levels of of clothes free yoga instruction and practice; a beginner level, intermediate, advanced and a partner practice.

The yoga is a a mix of kundalini and hatha vinyasa styles of yoga. For the uninitiated hatha is the umbrella name for all styles of yoga. Vinyasa is the name given to a flowing style of yoga where participants move fluidly from one posture to the next. The Kundalini style of yoga…

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American Nudist the Lost Journal – Review

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

This book could best be described as a mashup. It is part memoir, part history, part guide to nudist and clothes free living. This is makes the book simultaneously interesting and challenging to read.  The chapters can go from any one of the above mentioned genres to the next with what might seem like no rhyme or reason to the reader. Still I encourage you to stick with it.  If you can give up your expectations of a seamless flow the reader will a treasure trove of information and perspective on the nudist lifestyle.

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The Naturist Massage

Naked Imp

Okay so let me throw another one into the mix.

We’ve done the sexual connotations of nude photography and the naturist angle, alcohol and how it apparently turns us all into swingers. Now what about the naturist massage?  Like the naturist photography session which may focus entirely on a nubile young female model, the naturist massage also has its fair share of unwanted sexual connotation. Many massage parlours that offer ‘happy endings’ list themselves under the banner of ‘naturist’.

But just as being naked should not mean sexual activity why does the act of giving or receiving a massage where one or both involved are naked suggest it should be sexual?

There are naturist masseurs who always remain dressed and it is only the recipient who is naked. There are genuine massages where both are naked. But it does not mean there will be sexual activity of any kind.


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For better or for worse – a new nudist community

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Yin yang nudeThe longer I live the more I come to accept that as individuals we have great power to change the  people or things we come in contact with for better or worse. This is especially important becuase as human beings we are socially oriented. Once we are able to have food and shelter psychologists tell us  the next most important need we have is to belong to someone or something. We need to be connected to others and we find some sense of value in that connection.

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