Nude modeling and body image: The workshop report

Jillian Page: Reflections on life in the global village

“The power of art and the new perspectives drawing brings are inestimable.”
— Colette Coughlin

“Pose naked? I could never do that!”

At least a dozen people responded that way to me when I told them I had posed for a group of artists in a “figure drawing” workshop focusing on body acceptance. Some of them cited body image issues — “I wouldn’t want anyone to see this body naked!” It didn’t matter to them when I explained that the workshops need models of all shapes and sizes and ages, and that first-time models are welcome. It didn’t matter to them when I explained that the workshops help people overcome body image issues, and leave you feeling empowered. They just wouldn’t hear of it. Yet, all agree that beauty is only skin deep, and that it really doesn’t matter to them how other people look . . .

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How To Tell If You’re In A Cloud-Friendly Industry


Editor’s note: Gordon Ritter is a founder and general partner at Emergence Capital, a leading venture capital firm focused on cloud companies. He was an early investor in and Veeva Systems, and he is currently chairman of Veeva. Follow him on Twitter @gordonritter.

The benefits of an industry cloud strategy are clear. But are there certain industries that are more cloud friendly? To answer this question, we analyzed industries using a framework that ranks each one based on eight factors that speed up cloud adoption and two factors that slow things down.

The Top Cloud-Friendly Industries

Two industries stand out as the most cloud-friendly: healthcare and education. Healthcare has the most traction, with focused and fast-growing cloud companies in many facets of this massive and concentrated industry. In addition to Veeva, companies such as Doximity, CareCloud and PracticeFusion are getting traction, and Athena Health has…

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Fitwall Is A Gym That Knows If You’re Working Out Too Hard, Or Not Hard Enough


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Many earnest novice gym-goers have a commitment that won’t outlast a green banana. One problem is that newbies exert themselves too much and drop their membership before their overly worked muscles have time to recover. On the other end of the six-pack spectrum, Brad Pitt-looking characters may skate by without breaking a sweat, and drop dead prematurely because they never knew they could work out harder. Fitwall, a new quantified gym in sunny San Diego, wants to ensure everyone is working out exactly hard as they should be.

All members are strapped with heart monitors that display their target heart rate in brightly-lit iPads that hang over them as they perform gravity-based exercises. In the video above, I test it out on their mobile fitwall outside of TechCrunch’s San Francisco headquarters.

“We ensure that you’re monitored, in real time,” says Josh Weinstein, CEO of Fit, who first…

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