The People I Slept With.

After a night of sexting I decided to re-read the conversation. ” CANTT WAIT TO RIP OFF ALL UR CLOTHES,” was the last text. I scrolled up for a while covering my mouth with shock every few seconds. Okay… we defiantly meant the things we said but there is just something wrong with… ” I WANA B INSIDE U MAD BAD.” Type out BE.. it’s so simple, it’s just one extra letter, half a second out of your life. If you do want to be inside me MAD bad check your grammar. I’m not your bro.. we are talking about sex. ” I WANNA FCK U” Oh really!? You want to FCK me. We are sexting I don’t need you to be Romeo.. just text like the literate grown up you are.


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Rain and Poems

Uncovered Reading

It’s been unseasonably warm over the past week, but along with the heat came rain, thanks to the tropical storms coming up the coast. Rainy days aren’t much good for reading outdoors, but the sticky heat is a very good excuse to forgo the clothing and just sit in bed with a good book.

I have to admit, the weather has zapped me of all energy. You know those days when the air just seems heavy, and picking up your coffee cup is a chore? I decided not to fight it today. I crawled out of the covers long enough to turn the fan on high, then climbed back onto the bed and grabbed my book.

Short, sad poems have gotten me through these lazy, hazy days. This morning the sun managed to slip it’s way through the clouds, and I’m hopeful that I will soon be outdoors again. It won’t…

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