Nude Yoga in Second Life


Yes Yes Ya’ll we are getting zen with it!  LOL  Seriously fun and something new to do on the grid.  We are introducing instructor led (and local chat prompts) Nude Yoga.  Classes will begin next Wednesday at 12PM SLT.  The sessions are designed to bring some of the like minded together for knowledge sharing and laughter as we work our avatars out on Dutchie yoga mats.

There is room for 12 yogi (a practitioner of yoga) per session and the instructor will have some witty references that will tickle your funny bones while you master the art of yoga.

This event is being sponsored by Nude Bathing For Men and will be FREE to all during the event.  It will be located in second life at the Nude Bathing For Men Bathhouse.  We will adhere to a strict no clothing allowed protocol.  The sessions are approximately 20-minutes in duration…

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