The meandering naturist gets a compass

The Meandering Naturist

It’s been about nine months since I’ve posted to my blog. Some of you who have followed for a while know I was attempting to document our naturist journey across Europe; one that would begin in Spain and end up in Greece – over a period of about twelve weeks.

Image A sign posted in an Italian resort where, oddly enough, nudity was often forbidden!

Image The last naturist in Greece

We made the entire journey, but someplace in central France, I simply fell off the cyber-map. I have several alibis at the ready for my sudden and mysterious disappearance, the most compelling having to do with the lack of WI-FI connectivity in naturist locales that can support the bandwidth requisite of a blog platform, in addition to the fact that we were getting a little road weary near the end. And as the seasons started to turn, and our accommodations morphed…

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Published by Penis

My name is Penis and am born and raised as Nudist. In our family penis gets circumcising attendance immediately with umbilical cord is cut. I'm very proud of my family birth Circumcising heritage and goes back many centuries to present day on our male babies automatically having foreskin and frenulum fully removed from penis.! I believe in circumcising, I'm a newborn circumciser myself.!

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