Documentary Video about Ile du Levant

The Meandering Naturist Naturist family enjoying the view from Ile du Levant This will be our first stop on our naturist journey this summer.  Counting the days! Click on the photo to the left see this brief, but excellent (in French) documentary about this extraordinary island off the southern coast of France View original post

Domaine Naturiste de La Jenny

The Meandering Naturist Where to begin the account of our long, usually amazing (but sometimes stormy), relationship with the expansive naturist resort on the Cote d’Argent (Silver Coast) of southwest France – Domaine Residential Naturiste La Jenny.  Suffice it to say… this is a long one! Making our way from Spain to La Jenny WhileContinue reading “Domaine Naturiste de La Jenny”

The meandering naturist gets a compass

The Meandering Naturist It’s been about nine months since I’ve posted to my blog. Some of you who have followed for a while know I was attempting to document our naturist journey across Europe; one that would begin in Spain and end up in Greece – over a period of about twelve weeks. A signContinue reading “The meandering naturist gets a compass”

Making waves in the naturist pool – sexuality and naturism!

The Meandering Naturist Before launching off into this post, this would be a good time to reiterate a few basic tenants of the meandering naturist’s ideological and philosophical perspectives, which I might add, speaks to that of his wife as well – who has been an enthusiastic “co-conspirator” in the campaign for family naturism andContinue reading “Making waves in the naturist pool – sexuality and naturism!”

Bright Blue Skies at Vera Playa!

The Meandering Naturist After reading about it for years, we finally made it to Vera Playa on the Andalusia Coast of Spain. I’ll admit it, I had my doubts, assuming that this may well be the Spanish equivalent of Cap d’Agde, the (in)famous “naked city” in the South of France that, in my humble opinion,Continue reading “Bright Blue Skies at Vera Playa!”

One-hundred Naked Places… FRANCE!

The Meandering Naturist 100 places to get naked before you die PART THREE: FRANCE France is special! To us, France is synonymous with family naturism.  It all began back in the early 90s when we were 20-something, had three small children, and had decided that we’d like them to grow up feeling comfortable in theirContinue reading “One-hundred Naked Places… FRANCE!”