Ile du Levant – Naturist Paradise

The Meandering Naturist Our most recent visit to Ile du Levant, the renowned naturist island off the coast of the Côte d’Azur. A quirky, but magical place! See our other posts about Ile du Levant, including A Documentary Video about Ile du Levant, First Stop on a Naturist Odyssey, and The only people naked atContinue reading “Ile du Levant – Naturist Paradise”

Navigating the 100 Naked Places project

The Meandering Naturist I’m about two thirds of the way through what I’ve taken to calling the 100 Naked Places project.  In essence, I have been creating an annotated list of ALL the places that I can remember where we have enjoyed clothes-free recreation, while including places that look intriguing, but we haven’t quite foundContinue reading “Navigating the 100 Naked Places project”

A Half-Million Naked Germans Can’t be Wrong!

The Meandering Naturist It’s a lazy Sunday morning and I was looking for something interesting to read when I came across this thread on the Young Naturists America (YNA) page about their ongoing efforts (and to date, some recent successes) in normalizing coed nudity in an urban spa setting, where people can hang out forContinue reading “A Half-Million Naked Germans Can’t be Wrong!”

A chance to REALLY make a difference for the future of Naturism!

The Meandering Naturist This is a bit off track of my typical blog posts, but I think this is truly a timely and worthy cause! I have referenced the Young Naturists of America (YNA) several times in my blog as a group of body-positive people known for bold action beyond words in their efforts toContinue reading “A chance to REALLY make a difference for the future of Naturism!”

Why Nude Photos are Important to Naturism

Originally posted on Asian American Naturist:
This is an example of who we are. There is no shame, lust, or degradation. Imagine if you will that this blog wasn’t about naturism, but about camping and backpacking.  In my theoretical camping blog I’d write about my travels, offer advice, discuss issues within the camping/backpacking community, and…