hiking up the hills around Athens

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After posting about our splendid hike at Mt Olympus, I probably shouldn’t call the activities I describe in this post ‘hikes’ – a ‘stroll’ may be a better word. Regardless, Athens has quite a few hills at its borders, and they provide magnificent views of the city and an easy escape into the wild-ish. Not many people seem to be aware of that, so it was easy for us to find trails where we could hike naked without “disturbing” anyone.

naturist 0001 Alsos Skopeftiriou hill, Athens, GreeceAlsos Skopeftiriou hill at the eastern edge of Athens provides an immense panoramic view.

view 0002 Alsos Skopeftiriou hill, Athens, Greece

It’s covered by a nice mix of trees, shrubs and grasses.


It is nice to sit and relax there on a later autumn or an early spring day, which would be too cold for a beach but good enough to sunbathe there.

naturist 0000 Alsos Skopeftiriou hill, Athens, Greece

There are lot of different flowers,

flower 0002 Alsos Skopeftiriou hill, Athens, Greeceflower 0003 Alsos Skopeftiriou hill, Athens, Greece

some manage to thrive just in a crack in the rock!

flower 0000 Alsos Skopeftiriou hill, Athens, Greece

We weren’t the only…

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Shedding the perfect body image

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Bill Schroer: Shedding the cultural myth of the ‘perfect body’

Naturists live to a great extent within a subculture isolated from the rest of society. Some live nude at home (as I do), others are nude when they visit a naturist resort. The rest of society doesn?t notice naturists too much, because the laws regarding public nudity have so far prevented naturists from practicing their philosophy in public.

While naturists aren?t immune from TV, the naturist society?s rules and culture are different. A key tenet of naturism is ?body acceptance.? The notion is simple.
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Ask Sophie: Where Won’t I Go Naked?

Adventures of The Nude Writer

I asked the question on my Twitter page what would my followers like for me to write about. Many followers responded with some great ideas. A few of them will take a little time ie. writing a part 2 to my fictional story “Virgin Skin”. But, there was one question proposed I think I can answer right now.

 asked “Where would you refuse to go naked?”

This is a great question and one I really had not put much thought into. I’ve been naked my entire life and have been naked all around the world. The thought of refusing to be naked is a bizarre one. Like many Nudist/Naturists, I try to be as naked as possible as often as possible! However, I did some thinking on the subject and I have compiled this list.

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I have felt a change occurring inside of my mind. Maybe a transformation

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After many years of pain I then came on a time of suffering so unforgiving, it appeared my body would not make it out alive. But finally, I feel an awakening is upon me. In some ways, I believe my brain is renewing itself.
The putrid smell of physical rottenness dissipated. The illness and ongoing pain have not left me by any means, yet over this past year I have felt a change occurring inside of my mind. Maybe a transformation.
I did not realize how large a gap I had put between myself and my body these past years. I suppose the traumas experienced under medical care contributed to my drifting. My complete and sudden loss of physical independence surely didn’t help. However, there was no crueler attacker than my own body. To endure this unending physical pain and other debilitating maladies, I must have cut so many ties…

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