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It seems the media and the TV networks go by the slogan, “sex sells” and anytime there is just about any naked event or segment you tend to blow up things to make it sound more sexual than it really is. I’m writing to you because Naturists like me are tired of hearing and reading in the tabloids of events for simple non-sexual nudity being blown up to something it’s not. Understand that straight up nudity and sexual-ism are completely different. Associating nudity and sexual-ism is like comparing drivers and alcohol. they are two different things. everyone is a driver… doesn’t mean they are being alcoholics about driving. the same goes for nudity. simple non-sexual nudity does not automatically mean we’re being sexual about it.

The time has come where the media and TV networks to understand this and start learning the difference. Stop making yourselves look bad by doing…

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Recommended Facebook Privacy Settings for Naturists & Nudists | The Naturist Page

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It’s not only Facebook that have your photos on your profile removed and face Facebook-jail. Depending on your profile privacy settings your profile could be visible to the public. Yes, strangers who you do not know and are not on your friends list could possibly see your photos and report them.

I’m going to show you how to set up your profile so that your in more control on who sees what on your Facebook profile. Please note that if you are just accepting everyone who sends you a friend request. the following will not help you from getting your photos reported and face Facebook-jail. You should not ever allow anyone you do not know or trust on your friends list.

Step 1 | Posts:

click the box where your about to post a status and you should see a pull down menu and make sure it’s set to Friends

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