Naked in Cambodia

the sl naturist

The Guardian newspaper reports today that there is something of a mini outbreak of tourists in Cambodia posing for nude photos in front of the country’s sacred temples, with several having been arrested and deported.

There’s a time and place for everything, dears, and while we’re broadly in support of nudity in many places, trampling barefoot over a country’s sacred (or other) sites is not the way forward. Basically, you come across as boorish, ill-educated, disrespectful western morons.

A little research has shown that this story is essentially old news, with the Guardian away behind the game in this respect, The Mirror having reported the same story two weeks ago. As for ‘nude’, at least one case appears to show ‘topless’, not quite the same thing, really.


That’s not to condone the behaviour, far from it.

But it’s not just ‘abroad’ that people like to take risqué photos in front…

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Keeping mum

Naturist Mike

For several year’s now I have kept mum about being a naturist, fearing what others might say. My partner knew,but she is still unwilling to try. Although with me walking aroind the house with nothing on has made her more relaxed and occasionally she will walk from the bathroom to bedroom without wearing anything herself. Something unheard of a few years back. She has also been to a naturist beach, although her clothes stayed firmly on.

Any way I digress.

The times that nudity had been mentioned around her family the responses had been pretty mich the same. Like ‘why would anyone do that’ or ‘disgusting I don’t want to see anything like that’.

So I remained silent and kept my secret to myself.

A couple of months ago things changed. I was outed by my partner. While back in England we visited studland beach; a naturist beach in Dorset…

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2015 Spring & Summer Outlook | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page

It may not feel or look like Spring is near, however The Old Farmers Almanac Spring and Summer forecast for Montreal is looking good! Just remember how to properly tan this spring / summer so you don’t burn. If you forgot the blog I did on Sunbathing if you live in the Montreal area. If you live in Australia, Nudeyman did his own blog on Tanning.

“April and May will be drier than normal, with near-normal temperatures.

Summer will be warmer than normal, with the hottest temperatures in early July, mid- to late July, and early to mid-August. Rainfall will be above normal in the east and near normal in the west.

September and October will be warmer than normal, with below-normal precipitation.”

Though the forecast above is never always 100% accurate, we can only hope that it is true. If you wish to know the forecast for your area, go…

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Naturist Holidays in Europe


I promised several people I would write about Nudefest, the UK’s biggest clothes-optional (but largely clothes-free) festival. It is easy to find out some basic information about the week from the British Naturism website, but from a non-BN member’s perspective, in my opinion, it’s a littlehard to find out what’s it’s actually like to attend. Experiences are often written up in BN’s magazine but this is only available to members once they’ve joined. Given that I went to Nudefest before joining BN, I feel this is a bit ‘wrong way around’, so here’s my blog where anyone can read it.

This blog got a little long, but was fun to write given that almost everything to do with my time at Nudefest has been a brilliant life experience 🙂

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Poem: I love you nakedly

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

I like youhontouniheart breathlift
with your textured skin and
road map creases and
wild hair and
dancing feet

Your sunshine smile and
hurricane laugh and
generous tears and
pencil sharp mind
I love

How beautifully your naked soulnakedsouldance backbend
back-bends in the dance with life
open and willing to be touched

Nakedly I love naked you


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