Well hello people, well to me, pictures say really a whole lot more then a 1000 words.! But, to put your point across you still have to say_”something”_with words. Plus it helps if you too believe in those same words.!

Barely Seen

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

I saw her before, or so I thought. But this past Saturday, in the silence of a sunlit moment, was the first time I really SAW her.

Some time ago, I opened up to her about my trek into clothes free life. When I told her, she beamed and talked freely with me about it, including how much I love practicing clothes free yoga on my own. At some point I mentioned wanting to attend a social event. Not terribly far away is a group that meets now and then to do clothes free yoga. I hadn’t yet mustered up the guts to go; I still haven’t, but at least she knew about my desire to connect with others.

Recently she messaged me, “Hey can we hang out?” YES. It was definitely time for a full day of fun and chat. We were tossing thoughts around about what to do during hangout time, and finally…

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Tech Advice – Nudity and Public Storage…

Geekery and Nudity

No, I am not posting pictures of people getting naked at Public Storage, but I am talking about your nudes and public storage websites.  I.e., the website services that offer to host your digital files.  Often included with companies such as Apple (iCloud), Microsoft (One Drive), Google (Google Drive), etc…  My concern, or my worry is that we the public are not aware that just because we password protect our log-ins, these companies have full rights and privileges to look at our files without so much as a given the user notice.

It is that aspect that bothers me.  It would seem that everyone out there is against storing nude images, or sexualized images.  To some extent, I do understand.  There are legal aspects to it and many companies just do not want anything to do with so they make a blanket all encompassing statement “You will not upload, post…

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Day 16 Just Be Clothes Free Yoga Challenge: YOURSELF

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

Day 16 Just Be Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

cfl day 16 yourself hnh

Just Be Yourself

I express myself today in an easy Supine Twist.

I usually encounter this pose toward the end of yoga sequences I follow. After a yoga practice journey of allowing things to come up, feeling them and letting go, this posture is an amazing moment for me always. I feel empty, like I have nothing left to fight or hide. I breathe, soften my eyes and am completely myself: open, vulnerable, still. I feel powerfully, quietly simply at peace.

My clothes free journey (especially clothes free yoga), has opened me up to this kind of way of being…being still, open, and powerful in my vulnerability… at peace. There are many moments and conversations where, in the past, I would have blown up and run away. Now, I am learning to just be, breathe in the moment, and be myself. It has opened me to…

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” Get Naked and Save the Planet “

The Naked Truth.........

030  “Get Naked and Save the Planet”

Back in the early Seventies, naturism was defined as ‘a way of life in harmony with nature, characterised by self-respect, respect for others and for the environment’. Well before then, late in the 19th century, naturists always stressed their eco-credentials. These days every summer, thousands of nude cyclists across the world protest against oil dependency and the car culture while completing in World Naked Bike Rides WNBR  . So, what is it with naturists and climate change ? I guess it’s part of the earthiness you feel when you cast off your clothes and go back to nature, part of the wellbeing feeling you get being naked in the open air with the just Mother Nature for company. Being naked and not being ashamed of it or judgemental and it gives you a great sense of freedom. Added to that,the warm sun and wind on your…

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FFNR’s New Community Page | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page

Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch has a growing new community page like Facebook, but without the censorship. With a little over 3 years in the business, This community page and their Ranch retreat is growing fast and always upgrading and improving their campgrounds; as well as their website.

Currently the site with the community page is still getting the kinks out and you might find it a little slow, however it’s worth checking out. I don’t think the speed of the site will be much of a problem as they are working on many things to help make your visit on the page more enjoyable! Check them out here: Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch: Community

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