Stop Censorship

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It always amazes me how television and Hollywood always censor male genitalia.

Does anyone really have any reason to hide or be ashamed?

Women are always objectified in all manners; whether it be; magazines, television and movies.

Until recently, so many people made a huge fuss over Ben Affleck’s infamous scene in “Gone Girl”. OMG he has a penis!

Well guess what? Every male in the world has one. Get over it.

Just as you wouldn’t censor an arm or a leg why censor a penis or a vagina? It’s part of the human anatomy. Why should a woman’s breasts be so common place in cinema?

I remember in grade school when the both and girls were divided into separate groups for sex education. To this day, I wondered why we couldn’t have stayed all in the same group. I think as a child knowing about each other’s physiology would…

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