Stop Censorship

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It always amazes me how television and Hollywood always censor male genitalia.

Does anyone really have any reason to hide or be ashamed?

Women are always objectified in all manners; whether it be; magazines, television and movies.

Until recently, so many people made a huge fuss over Ben Affleck’s infamous scene in “Gone Girl”. OMG he has a penis!

Well guess what? Every male in the world has one. Get over it.

Just as you wouldn’t censor an arm or a leg why censor a penis or a vagina? It’s part of the human anatomy. Why should a woman’s breasts be so common place in cinema?

I remember in grade school when the both and girls were divided into separate groups for sex education. To this day, I wondered why we couldn’t have stayed all in the same group. I think as a child knowing about each other’s physiology would…

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Call 911!

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_7462After our rooftop adventure (chronicled previously), we headed down with our new friend from the New York Times to the streets of Brooklyn and the grassy lawns of Prospect Park.

IMG_7374IMG_7372IMG_7387At first, no one seemed to take notice of us — so much so that our reporter friend commented on it, amazed that the presence of half a dozen women relaxing topless in a public space attracted not a single stare or rude comment. But like most things that seem too good to be true, it was: after perhaps half an hour, a police car cruised slowly to a stop alongside us and the officers inside sheepishly indicated they’d received several calls to 911 complaining of our presence. Because, you know. Breasts. Clearly they require armed men in uniform to subdue.

IMG_7414IMG_7419What were we doing to deserve the attention of the police? Sitting; reading; talking; eating chocolate. All while failing to…

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