Dezenas de pessoas vão nuas a montanha russa para arrecadar dinheiro contra o câncer

Os Naturistas

Dezenas de candidatos enfrentaram o frio e desceram a  montanha russa vestidos como vieram ao mundo para angariar fundos para a caridade.


Para dar mais emoção o grupo decidiu bater o recorde do Guinness do maior número de pessoas nuas a andar numa montanha russa.

Veja matéria completa aqui.


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Os naturistas celebram a chegada do halloween

Os Naturistas

O Halloween, também conhecido como Dia das Bruxas, é uma celebração típica da cultura norte-americana. De origem pagã, a tradicional festa ocorre anualmente, todo dia 31 de outubro.


Além dos EUA, outros países de língua inglesa (Canadá, Escócia, Inglaterra e Irlanda) também comemoram esta data, com o passar dos anos o Halloween passou a ser comemorado também no Brasil, inclusive pelas comunidades naturistas.

Veja matéria completa aqui.


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Naked Run 10: Negev Desert

Naked Running

Incense Route
Negev Desert
October 2015

I never intended to travel to Israel, to the heart of conflict. I never expected to be adjacent to the Dead Sea, in the Negev Desert, only kilometers from the Jordan border.

Never in my wildest imagination could I have envisaged running naked in the Negev.

But I did.

Finding myself on a three day workshop near Tsofar (Zofar) I couldn’t resist the temptation to run. I had brought my shoes and shorts. Despite the mild autumn desert heat, I had hoped to – at a minimum – find a cooler morning or evening slot for a short clothed run.

Late one afternoon I set out with my GPS assistant (this was not a place to get lost!), clad only in my shoes and shorts. Given that from what I could ascertain nudity is prohibited in Israel, I had to be cautious. A clothed…

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natural foundation yoga: an opportunity to reconnect, give thanks and transform

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

I used to spend all of my time reaching outside of myself to other people or things to comfort me and solve my problems. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, or how to connect to anything truthful inside of me…

…that is, until I stepped onto my mat with nothing on my body. Through my clothes free yoga practice, I found that everything that truly matters to sustain me was right there inside of me. I reconnected with my most powerful natural resource: MY BREATH. If I can breathe and move in my naked body, then I have everything I need to step forward each day in my life.

The most current breakthrough is that I am putting myself out there, taking chances, auditioning for opportunities that I used to avoid. I have connected to a true passion and calling, and I know that I WILL…

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I don’t like wearing clothing
Unless there is a need to do so.
The minute nobody objects
The garment wearing has to go.
It’s not about being naughty
It’s about comfort and being free.
I really don’t care much if I am
Making other squirm uncomfortably.

You see, since this is America
And I am pursuing my happiness
I really shouldn’t have to put up
With people’s prudish snappiness.
Yes, I know that we were raised
To believe genitals are disgusting.
But that is wrong and the first rule
That I am here to aid in busting.

Okay, I grant that some of us
Are not all that pretty when nude.
But that doesn’t give anybody
A license to be so damn rude.
Can’t you just pretend she is
Wearing a less than pretty dress?
Wouldn’t you be polite to her then?
Come on. Own up to it. Confess!


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