#nudism as told by two women

Naked and Happy

tn5One of the recurring themes on naturists forums is the, somehow, lack of women. It’s sometimes true there are more men than women interested by naturism, online. On nude beaches or nudist resorts, I still feel women are well represented and parity is almost perfect. Now, when you discuss nudism with women and men, women are generally less enthusiast to try. They may feel less secure, more vulnerable. So when other women share their experience about nudism, it’s the kind of information worth spreading.

The first story comes from Kimberlee, who shares her experience at the Caliente Resort in Florida. Kimberlee shares how she moved from body shame to body acceptance by getting naked. As she said to get over her body shame, “I gave myself a challenge to go to a clothing optional resort”. I love the way she shares how people are just behaving normally while naked:…

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Nudism/Naturism: The Great Outdoors

Jillian Page

While there is something (good) to be said for social nudism in semi-private indoor settings like swimming pools, it doesn’t compare to nudism in the great outdoors. I love the freedom of being able to literally chuck it all while strolling along a nudist beach or sitting in the shade of trees by a lake. Those are my two favourite nudism/naturism activities.

What about you? What are your favourite naturism settings?


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