Amy Molloy strips off in the name of neo-nudism

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I NEVER thought I’d strike a business deal while sitting in a hot spring, totally naked except for a pair of sunglasses, and sharing a plate of hummus and carrot sticks with a tech executive, a medical student and the CEO of an online shopping website. But that’s exactly how I recently found myself spending a Saturday evening, in the middle of the desert, two hours from the heart of Los Angeles.

Source: Amy Molloy strips off in the name of neo-nudism

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Straight outta clothes photo challenge February 

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It’s time for the straight outta clothes photo challenge

The straight outta clothes photo challenge is a themed clothes free photo challenge. Each challenge will be associated with a clothes free theme activity or event. The theme for this first challenge is work clothes free.  In solidarity with National Work Naked Day February 5 the challenge is to share a photo working clothes free. Your photo does not need to be similar to or a repose of the image below. Get creative, but it MUST be a photo of YOU working clothes free.  See below for other rules and means of entry.

Straight outta clothes photo challenge work clothes free

How to participate

To participate in the challenge share your photo on Twitter, Flickr or IG with the hashtag #straightouttaclotheschallenge between Feb 1 and Feb 5   You may also email to CFL submission. All photos will…

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Naturism’s apathy problem

Naturist Philosopher


We’ve spent a lot of time preparing to talk about how to solve some of naturism’s problems. Now it’s time to start actually addressing the problems. But there are a lot of them. How can we know where to begin? There’s only one way, really. We have to prioritize.

When we looked at the underlying causes of the problems, we found that there were basically two types: causes present in human nature or in our society, and causes in the social nudity community itself. That helps prioritizing a lot, because we can potentially deal with the second sort of causes much more easily than the first, which might be very difficult.

Among problems whose causes lie in the social nudity community itself, there are again two broad types: those related to the leadership of the community, especially its organizations, and those related to the community members themselves. And again…

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Blogging mom on parenting site gives reason to be clothes free at home

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7 Reasons Why You Deserve to Hang Out Naked in Your Home

An important debate is raging in homes all around the country: Should you have the right to wander nude at home, or should you cover up? To me the answer seems obvious — of course you should feel free to go au naturel in your own home. I mean, does this concept even need defending? Apparently it does, because here’s a story all about the painful travails of prude people who have been exposed to the sight of their naked neighbors. Quelle horreur! (Fans herself.) So now that’s one more thing you have to worry about: Protecting the people in your neighborhood from the sight of your flesh.

Source: The Stir

Blogging mom on parenting site gives reason to be clothes free at home

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Sydney Skinny 2016 now accepting entries

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The4th annual Sydney Skinny is set forSunday, February 28 – 8:00 AM

The web site says

It’s the perfect opportunity to draw a line in the sand, take a stand against ludicrous body image pressure and access a world of greater self-acceptance

The event takes place at Cobblers Beach at Middle Head, Sydney Australia

The waterway is protected from the ocean swell and is the perfect location for new swimmers or those who are new to swimming in open water. The swim is un-timed, therefore NOT a race… so dive in and enjoy the serenity.

Visit to Enter Now

We are born naked. who cares who sees your body – be naked with nature for a great cause. The more the merrier

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Band picked to headline naturist festival In Doncaster UK

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uegrass band called Cocklebread will headline a nudist festival that will return to Doncaster this spring

Nudestock VII, a week long nudist festival, will be held at Wroot at the end of May and will feature nude It’s A Knockout style games, naked bingo and live music.

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