Well come on people, let’s all campaign for our “freedom” and “equality”.!


Published by Penis

My name is Penis and am born and raised as Nudist. In our family penis gets circumcising attendance immediately with umbilical cord is cut. I'm very proud of my family birth Circumcising heritage and goes back many centuries to present day on our male babies automatically having foreskin and frenulum fully removed from penis.! I believe in circumcising, I'm a newborn circumciser myself.!

One thought on “Well come on people, let’s all campaign for our “freedom” and “equality”.!

  1. We have to become far more organized plus it will require political power behind the movement. Look at what the gay groups accomplished when they pulled together and got political clout behind their cause because they claimed they were being denied their rights and being discriminated against. Can’t the nude community claim the same thing ?? The other issue that hurts us is the fact that the porn industry has hi-jacked our lifestyle and often times represent themselves as nudist when in fact they produce and display porn. Hence the social assumption that nudity equals sex.

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