Naked Run 13: South Fuerteventura

Naked Running

Playas de Jandía
South Fuerteventura
ebruary 2016

After raving about the idyllic qualities of the Canary Islands for naked running in my blog posts Fuerteventura Beach, Fuerteventura Dunes and Gran Canaria (all September 2015), it was completely natural that I return to the temperate volcanic islands of the Atlantic.

The climate there – I still maintain – is nearly ideal for naked running: year-round daytime highs in the 20c – 30c range, low humidity, warm-ish water, blue skies… perfect!

Well, that was the belief and the intention!

Mother nature, however, had other plans.

My second naked running visit to the Canaries coincided exactly with an unusual, intense, cold and rainy winter storm. The opposite of ideal naked running conditions for me!

The first day of the short 3-day visit saw all-day downpours, perpetual dark clouds, frigid temperatures peaking at 12c and wind gusts of up to 50k per…

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