Orange County naturists keep up the fight

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The Changing Tides of Surf City

They call themselves the Orange County Naturists, or NitOC for short. They’re an off-the-beaten-path nudist group in Huntington Beach, and they are fighting fiercely for the preservation of their rights.

At least that’s what Allen Baylis believes. As a local defense attorney by day and President of NitOC by night, Baylis and his community have battled for naturist rights in council meetings, lobbying events, board meetings and conventions up and down the California coast for years. And for his hometown in Huntington Beach, conditions are progressively closing the gap of possibility for their kindred subculture, one public ordinance at a time.

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NAC Alert – Mazo Beach

Friends Of Mazo Beach



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content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety and without alteration.

DATE: March 29, 2016
SUBJECT: Mazo Beach Closure
TO: All naturists and other concerned citizens

Attention naturists:

This is an Action Alert from the Naturist
Action Committee (NAC). In coordination with the local naturist activists of Friends of Mazo Beach (FOMB), NAC is asking you to take specific action:

Submit comments to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The mechanism for this is by commenting on the most recent Master Plan for the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. Although the draft of the Master Plan does not suggest closing Mazo Beach, that draconian edict was announced a week after the new plan was released.

Obviously, this…

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nude yoga girl -contortions and body acceptance

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Nude Yoga Girl Promotes Self-Acceptance with Her Impressive Contortions

Nude Yoga Girl has continued to demonstrate the beauty of the human body as she works to promote self-acceptance. “My biggest issue in the past was that I saw faults in my body all the time, and that made it impossible for me to love myself fully. The way you look doesn’t matter — anybody can see faults and have that feeling of not liking themselves,” the Instagram sensation told The Cut. “With my account, I want to inspire people to realize that everybody is very beautiful and capable of [doing] amazing things with their bodies. Yoga helped me accept my body exactly the way it is. Nowadays, people can easily get a very false idea of ideal beauty and what nudity truly means because it’s shown mostly in a sexual and unrealistic way.”

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Naturism you create the keys» Naturists

All Nudist

As portas da oportunidade, você cria as chaves! Não há realmente nenhuma chave para desfrutar o estilo de vida naturista e você pode desfrutar. Se você pratica este estilo de vida em casa e não é suficiente, a maioria de nós vive dentro de alguns kilometros de algum tipo de nudismo sancionado (legais ou não), praias, riachos, lagos ou resorts. Se isso não convencer você (por medo de encontrar alguém que você conhece), há literalmente milhares de destinos de viagens disponíveis para solteiros, casais e grupos de todo o mundo ansiosos para acomodá-lo. E quanto a ser único e fazer uma excursão sozinho para uma praia naturista? Eu acho que é realmente a melhor maneira de fazer (embora seja também muito […]

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