ANF – The Australian Naturist Federation – How to start in Naturism

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Naturist Clubs, Retreats, Resorts and B & B’s If you are more interested in the social aspects of naturism, becoming involved in a less public arena with couples and families, then our affiliates are your answer. At these premises you will get to meet long serving naturists and the young alike, have the opportunity to take part in sporting events like Petanque and Miniten, tennis, swimming, BBQ’s and so on. You will find, as all naturists have, that relaxing in the nude is somewhat more relaxing than being clothed, as you literally strip away all cares and pretensions of daily life. It is a lifestyle to be cherished. Nude Beaches If you wish to progress to ‘social’ nudism, we have many nude beaches in Australia and a listing of these can be found at Free Beaches Australia’s website . Sadly, some of these are under threat, and others are not legal…

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