14 responses to “And just what makes you happy.?

    • Well, not on site anyway that is.
      Well, I’m afraid if I posted myself that that might get a “gay” reaction, and I don’t want my site to go in that direction, with a “gay” following..it’s a catch-22

    • Well, you must have it set on only “you” then..not that I’m abvising you to do this as it may also open your security, (“but”)_click-*settings_if you want to open it up so that we can see it as well..

    • Nope, we don’t see any of them…
      Well as I say, I don’t condone it as it may open your security to things also that you want only “you” to see..
      Well, it maybe in *edit_I’ll search myself on my own platform as to know how to do that..

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