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Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

In the Deep End: Skinny Dipping in Glasgow

Picture the scene: you’re in what feels like a staffroom with around fifteen people. A reassuringly scratchy carpet underfoot, the familiar crackle of polystyrene cups buckling in idle hands. Conversation is easy, everything is normal. Run-of-the-mill, even. Oh – except everyone’s absolutely bollock and nipple naked. Including you.

For many, the scenario above is the stuff of brie-before-bed nightmares, a screengrab from an archived 4oD documentary, or a stage-fright coping technique. For me, it was Sunday night, and I’d been invited to join Glasgow Continental’s weekly naturist swimming event – an opportunity for a wee dip, Lycra-free at Arlington Baths. We were sharing a cup of tea (naked) and I was working up the nerve to go swimming (also naked). After all, when in Arlington, do as the Romans did. Or something like that.

Attending a naturist event was a terrifying prospect…

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Clarification on the terms of Naturist and Nudist

The Naturist Page

Naturism. It’s not just about shedding your clothing and getting naked. So what is Naturism?

Naturism is to be in tune with nature with the elements of life and nature around you. It’s like the expression being high on life where you comfortable in your skin without any negativity around you. The love of the sun over your skin, the breeze across your skin and the feeling of the earth on your bare feet. Experiences like this are often heightened more so with a friend, family member(s) or a loved one where you and who you’re with, can experience it together. Just remember, much like the textile world, lewd behaviour is frowned upon in the Naturist community when in the public. There is nothing wrong with being intimate — it’s a natural human behaviour. However, if you want to be intimate with your partner, please do that in the privacy of…

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soul food: 2016 clothes free poetry contest entries

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home


Treat yourself to some soul food today and check out the entries to the 2016 clothes free poetry contest.

Entries posted at:

Voting open through April 30, 2016.

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