Global weather model looks to the skies for improved accuracy

Official blog of the Met Office news team

The day-to-day business of many scientists in the Met Office is focussed on continually improving our Unified Model (UM) and advancing our treatment of observations that are used to initialise the UM to maintain our world-leading forecast accuracy.

Tom Blackmore, a Met Office senior scientist, said: “The Unified Model provides weather and climate forecasts across timescales ranging from hours to decades for the public and government, and a range of commercial customers. We constantly strive for better forecast performance and our work across a wide range of scientific and technical disciplines continually delivers many incremental improvements in skill which collectively add up to significant gains to our forecasting accuracy.

“We have often been asked how we bring new science into our operational forecasting model, which runs every day of the year to provide forecasts to our customers, without interruption. We do this by making changes – based on our scientific…

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