It’s that time again! — International Read Naked Day

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Hey all! As the United States prepares to celebrate “Freedom”, let us all over the world celebrate “f-READ-om” – the freedom to read what we want, when we want, and do it naked if we want (yes, we want)! JOIN US THE 5TH OF JULY – TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES – AND READ A […]

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Dear Abby (Part 2)

The SL Naturist 2

Earlier in the week I posted ‘Dear Abby’, a post wherein an adult naturist male’s sister had discovered his naturist lifestyle and wanted to join her brother at the brother’s naturist holiday home. The man was ‘freaked out’ by the thought of his sister seeing him nude (although the correspondent didn’t clarify if he man was ‘freaked out’ by the thought of seeing his sister nude, or the sister’s intentions on whether she was going to nude or remain covered until she decided if she liked the lifestyle -although we do know she wanted to explore it, so presumably had the intention of stripping off.)

I asked if readers had a view on this. They did, and I’m grateful to Danee & Eric for their responses.

I said I’d add my view in due course.

Had the brother and sister been raised in a naturist environment they’d probably have grown…

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Dear Abby…

The SL Naturist 2

We aren’t a ‘problems page’, but I was recently messaged by an SLFKK reader who has a naturist dilemma. 

I have my own theory on this, but before I offer that, I’m going to throw the floor open for answers as to how you, the SLFKK readers, would deal with this.


Hi, Trine,

My husband and I have been naturists for a number of years and bought our own place at a naturist holiday resort. We rent it out and at the end of the summer he goes out there alone and repaints it all for next season, and sometimes assemble new furniture we may have bought.

Our children (two boys and a girl, now all in their late teens) were all raised as naturists and think nothing of being nude in each other’s company on holiday, even now, and our bathroom at home essentially has an open door…

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wow: going out there

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

So…I’ve stopped following nudists on Twitter.

Well, not altogether, but for about a month or so now, I’ve stopped following / following back profiles that identify as nudist unless their history of tweets speaks to 1) their own fascinating experiences or 2) educational issues and perspectives.


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Trading in Your Bathing Suit for your Birthday Suit: 10 Things to Do Naked with Your Spouse this Summer

  Have you ever spent the day naked with your spouse? I’m not talking about laying in bed all day or taking a shower together naked. I’m talking about spending the day, as in outsi…

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