Nudist support groups in person: they are needed!

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we need in person support groups for nudism

Recently I’ve thought of something for nudism: in-person support groups. They are definitely needed, at least I feel so. There are a few reasons I can think of why they are needed. It’s a good idea to think about!

Well, we have fears and concerns over nudism, can especially be for a new nudist but also may be for a nudist for longer time. Why not help with nudist stuff that can satisfy a person in concern or fear on nudism?

True, we have nudist meetup groups in person, online nudist support groups, and nudist websites, but why no in-person support groups on nudism? I have Asperger’s syndrome and chronic kidney disease and both have in person and online support groups. Why not do the same for nudism?

Nudism is a common thing so misunderstood and taboo that it should have a way for support for anyone concerned or afraid of…

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