naked soul reflection: pause

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In this week’s Naked Soul Reflection, we look at the importance of pausing.

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This past week, I found myself having to pause in my life. I took a few days off from work and spent time doing nothing so that I could heal mentally and emotionally. There were many events over the past 8 years that I hadn’t allowed myself to acknowledge or fully process. That all came to a head this week, and the stress forced me to take time being still. Although I’m still practicing pause and non-doing, one thing I can say is that pause is helping me release some emotions I didn’t even know where there deep down.

Some questions as you practice pause this week:

  • Where in your life could pause serve you?
  • Are you trying to fill the space with something?
  • In what ways can you take time to be still this week?
  • What…

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