survey suggest Brits willing to go live clothes free at home to save on energy costs

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

The survey on the Express UK web site at current count says a whopping 72% of respondents are will to be clothes free at home to save money on energy cost in summer. The survey is definitely not scientific but could point research that may provide another positive way of introducing clothes free living in broader society and normalizing simple nudity.

New research from British Gas has shown that one in ten people are cutting their energy costs by opting to go naked while at home.

Instead of using fans to cool off in the summer heat, ten per cent happily strip off – a move which is helping them to save up to £780 a year.

But doing the dishes nude isn’t the only quirky way Brits are cutting their energy use.

Shunning the usual techniques such as opening windows or closing curtains to keep room cool, some of…

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