What does it take for a person to decide to be clothes free ? Guest contributor verygary

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The average (below average?) person needs to be nudged into understanding that nudity mainly involves familiarity with the practice, and that once anyone quits wavering between the dangers and joys, s/he may then take that first step. If there’s a way to help someone make that decision to try being comfortably dressed or undressed around friends, maybe that person could be coached into understanding it without being coaxed into doing something unwillingly.

Just do it. That sounds easy enough, but a person does need to be okay with the clothes free idea: the idea that being uncovered does not automatically mean being dangerously harmful. A first experience that happens to turn out comfortable can contribute to the success of the attempt, but actual nudity needs to feel intriguing yet possible — possible but not overwhelming — achievable, and above all, acceptable, but if even you cannot “just do it”…

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