Naked Kids Summer Camp

All Nudist

There’s been a bit of a fuss about this subject now and then, usually when some local politician needs a cause to rally to.

There are nudist families, and there are nudist families where only Mom and Dad are nekked, secretly.  A lot of us hide our naturist side for various reasons; the lucky (smart?) ones raise their kids that way from the start.  Some of those folks send their kids to summer camp (just like real people) but nudist summer camp. Sure wish my parents had!

This absolutely outrages some people. Children subjected to being around other naked children? Sin! Sex! Pedophile counselors? What happens in these places? God only knows.

As usual, it’s just a lot of ignorant bluster from people that don’t know anything about the subject.  Since they themselves cannot separate the idea of nudity from sexuality, they assume that is the case for everyone.  ‘Joe Legislator’ knows…

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