Last Chance to See

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

img_3376For the last three nights, our all-female, fully nude production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest has played to sold-out houses in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. (Well, tickets are free, so maybe “sold out” isn’t precisely the right phrase. But packed houses. Standing room only. Let’s call it that.)

img_3138Tonight — Saturday, September 10, 2016 — is your last chance to see the show. If you’re in New York and at all curious, we encourage you to come.

img_3156The show is different in Brooklyn than it was in Central Park in May. The performance space is less isolated, so random pedestrians walking by are more likely to stumble across a mystifying and magical scene. The bulk of the audience is watching from an elevated pagoda, and the lawn before it is flat, reversing the earlier dynamics (in Central Park, most audience members sat on the ground and the stage had a variety of…

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2 responses to “Last Chance to See

  1. As a nudist couple we found this very delightful. It’s also refreshing to see that full and complete frontal female nudity was on display here ! A terrific opportunity for those willing to express that freedom and liberation. It’s amazing that this was performed in public when we don’t even see this much freedom of nudity in movies or TV programing. From the video clip we saw the talent level of the performers was also quite nice. This was outstanding and we would think somewhat groundbreaking. We open you continue to broaden your horizons and open the eyes of others.

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