Introduce a Friend to Nudism

Vox Cheapoli

I, like hundreds of thousands of people around the world, find nudism to be a fun, relaxing, freeing, calming, incredibly soothing and liberating lifestyle.


But one thing it cannot do is to cure loneliness.


The only way to cure loneliness is by having friends.

Friends are supposed to support each other, car for each other and share the same interests, hobbies etc.

Now, the older you get, the more difficult making new friends gets.

And once you become a nudist, you get stuck in limbo – you don’t know how to make new nudist friends and you don’t know if your existing friends will accept and join your lifestyle.

Just like in every other facet of life, having a friend join you in your lifestyle makes it doubly pleasing.

If you’re a practicing nudist with a best or long-time friend who is not a nudist, and has no experience with the…

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