There had been another Blacks Beach Bears about a decade before the present avatar. Among the members of their group, Lloyd Johnson requested first creator Al Spencer if he could give us his blessing to use exactly the same name. He did and they used the original emblem until 2006 when Lloyd designed a new one because of their flag, depending on the first.


The greatest picnic they’d drew just over 200 individuals, though they haven’t any idea how many of them were part of the Bares. However , if the state park recently revoked the Cahill policy, nudity at state beaches became formally prohibited, though park rangers have already been hesitant to enforce it.
But with a media obsessed with exploiting nudism, and naturist groups just getting any air time, Dave and the Black’s Beach Bares were really active in giving interviews. Case in point: a story on The Weather Channel’s “SoCal Lifeguards” featured the subject, “why people love nudist beaches.

“My answer to that question was, everybody has their own rationale. For me it is just comfy. I’m very self-conscious wearing a swimsuit. I’m only more comfortable without one.”
“Later they asked us what we thought of the lifeguards. We told them we adored them as tell us, the very best physic…

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Felicity Jones of FKK, Writer of Felicity’s Naturist Blog


Felicity’s Naturist Blog:
Naturist Blog – Hi! Are you new here? Welcome to Felicitys Blog – my naturist site! I’m Felicity Jones (my pen name), I’m 24 and I heart naturism/ naturism. I grew up as a naturist with my family at a nudist club in New Jersey and now live in Queens, NY.
I began this nudist blog in 2010 when I co-founded Nudist Portal, an organization and growing community of young naturists. On this blog I plan to promote the naturist lifestyle and discuss news, events, controversial issues, naturist club / resort reviews, the enticing stories of my naturist childhood, and more!
The most important issues for me in the naturist world are topfree equality, positive body image / body acceptance, and boosting naturism in general so that more individuals will at least know it exists and understand it.
I also care deeply about the Earth, recycling, upcycling…

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Nudism and Healthy Body Image – Can Societal Nudity Have a Positive Affect?


Is Nudism Great For The Body Image?
Naturism and Healthy Body Image- While you can find a wide range of motives to get involved in social nudity, arguably, the most well known advantage of naturism is the remarkable progress this type of lifestyle can have on your body image.
Ever since can into practice during the early 20th century, individuals have found that participating in social and recreation activities, while bare, with other naked people is an extremely useful way to become comfortable with one’s own body.
Why Social Nudism Is Beneficial To a HealthyBody Picture:
Being nude in a public or private social setting enables you to discover the blemishes and shapes which make up your physical appearance are nothing to be ashamed of.
Actually, nudity instructs people that it’s the unusual features of your body are just some of the many things that make you a unique…

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The Story of My Naked Naturist Job Interview at Nudist Portal


Guest Nudist Occupation Website by: L. Di Masi
My Nude Job Interview with Young Naturists and Nudists America
Nude Naturist Job Interview- Numerous interviews and so many let downs but . I came across a website from my local area and became rather curious. I was down on my luck and figured doing something is better than doing nothing so I applied for work within blocks from my house. Everything was fine and dandy until I had to explain to family members what the job interview was for.
I had applied for work at Nudist Portal. I have to say I did not understand what to anticipate. Would there be arbitrary people nude in a factory someplace walking around with clipboards? Or some old beaded gentleman standing by the front desk with all his glory to exhibit? I pictured a lot of bare artwork lying around for no reason…

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In Search of Sunlight at Terme Banovci in Slovenia


Terme Banovci – Slovenia Naturist / Nudist Center – In Vienna, Austria it was raining all the time (not ideal for nudism tasks). The fortunate break Gosia and I had on Kahlenburg was among the few exceptions. Back at Lobau a fellow naturist took pity on us. She gave me a tarp which I instantly took to wrapping around the tent. It kept out the rain. In addition, it kept out the air. Our last morning in was spent lying on our bellies perched in front of the entrance.
It was in this type of position that Gosia admitted to me the real reason for her divorce and the extent to which she have been manipulated by the patriarchy. Her tears mixed with mine. We wondered what the folks passing by must have believed. We joked that they attributed our dismay to the lack of fresh fish Gosia had…

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Burning Man Bare – A Naked City At Burningman


( Of South Florida Free Beaches Who We Love Extremely!)
Norma’s Naked City At Burningman
Doing Burning Man Unclothed – Ever fantasize about what it’d be like to experience a clothes-optional society? Where the trend standards of our culture are set aside and being naked in public is deemed adequate? Fully being a naturist for some 25 years or so, I definitely have.
My loving husband and I discovered such a location in 2004. It was at the Burning Man art festival held at Black Rock City, Nevada. This temporary non-commerce community of about 50,000 people comes together for a week each year. They are there to observe revolutionary self expression.
One of the principles of Burning Man is participation. Their website states: Our community is committed to a radically participatory ethic. We believe that transformative change, whether in the person or in society, can occur simply through the…

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Nudist Websites – Yes We understand!!


Why Is Naturism Not Growing Fast Enough? Have you ever Seen Many of These Nudist Websites???
Naturist Websites – Information regarding naturism and naturism is certainly reachable online. That said, it appears like the nudist industry continues to be rather slow to adjust to an increasingly digital world. Most of the nudist resorts and naturist clubs have sites. The problem is that they appear like they were designed back in 1995. This really is one of the significant reasons naturism has such a poor image problem.
These nudist sites might also be difficult to locate in a fundamental on-line search. It sounds difficult to believe, but some naturist clubs are just now establishing a Facebook page or don’t even have one yet, let alone nude pussies on beach on other social networks like twitter!
How are young people going to locate these nudie ? Furthermore, what will they believe…

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