Naked yoga is a brand new tendency that attracts eyes and lifts eyebrows. Once the word gets out that a new local naked yoga course is starting, bloggers, local papers and perhaps even national syndicates might be interested in writing or shooting a narrative about your course. You can not do much about lifted eyebrows except talk with clarity and credibility each time you are interviewed or inquired about your course. A clear truthful message is more likely to inspire those who are indecisive about their ideas on naked yoga and are waiting to see whose face and voice are behind it.


Eventually, identify which press you talk to and constantly ask the individual doing the reporting from what angle they mean to approach the story. Some go by the doctrine that any press is good press. However, to conserve the integrity of your course and the relaxation of your students, if the position for the story sounds too sensational, you might want to pass it up.
My naked yoga course is ready to go, what is next?
Congrats! Thanks for spreading the amazing and healing practice of naked yoga.
Now it’s time to contact Naked Yoga Alliance, a global resource network I created for naked yoga. Let’s know got a class running and we’ll record it on our categories page under your state with a link to your own web site.
If you had like, we’ll send you some interview questions and post a picture and interview with you on…

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