Nudist TV Casting Call


ATTN All Naturists – Casting Call For Naturist TV!
Naturist TV Casting Call – Because you may have seen on All-Nudist’s site or on other naturist websites, there’s a casting call for nudists / naturists to appear on an episode of a brand new television series. If you were wondering if it is legit, we can assure you it’s!
It’s a fresh series for National Geographic about fringe cultures, and one episode will focus on nudism. They may be currently casting, so if you are interested in participating, best to contact them immediately.
In Search Of Nudists For A TV Show
The last time Nat Geo produced anything about nudism would appear to be the nudity episode of its Taboo Show. This episode included a segment about Christian naturists who hold Would You recall the first time you Chilled Nekkid? . Click here to view my post about this and…

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