Adoring My Naked Body – I recently read an article by Felicity Jones that talked about “why girls should see other women’s naked bodies.” In the beginning, the name really shocked me. But then I read it and for me, the posts triggered one of those “moments of awakening. As if something that lay dormant for years, abruptly jumped back into existence.


I started having a discussion with Jordan who’s one of the co-founders of this Young Naturists group Young Naturists and Nudists America.
We emailed each other back and forth regarding a variety of problems such as the differences between the generations and how my daughter, and her 23 – 25 year old pals, are able to be foolish and cook dinner together naked while I, at 52, have never done anything like that (it shocked me to the core at first to see such clear boldness).
Growing up in the 60’s and early 70’s the hippie generation was in bloom. It was a time of liberty, burning your bra, and free love. You’d think I too would be dancing around in absolute peaceful freedom. Yet my experience was entirely different.
In my private home life, like so many others in my age group, nudity was treated as taboo. We were…

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