He tells the course they must “Recover the Image” that continues to be hidden by current taboos and censorship. He says, “The norms for censorship-including, incidentally, the choices about which body parts are sexually arousing-are set by those in power, like the church, by using its authority to define sin, and the authorities, by enacting laws.” -A fact we just uncovered ourselves, in our recent censorship post!


Co Ed Naked Philosophy by Will Forest
Now, as of this point, a little “suspension of disbelief” is needed. Ross isn’t fired, suspended or punished for this particular behaviour (or stunt), as would reasonably be anticipated. He gets away with it because he is a well-respected and accomplished professor in his field of work. Furthermore, the philosophy department is in danger of being eliminated because of low enrollment, but once word gets around about his naked course, pupils begin clamoring to register. Thus he is permitted to continue.
While some components of the story may seem unrealistic, readers may be surprised to discover which ones are based on actual occasions. In one such instance, an individual is compelled to censor a replica of the David statue. The statue, located on his storefront yard, receives numerous criticisms. It was the situation in the same event that took place several years past…

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