The dominant idea that clothing is essential for reasons of modesty is a cultural premise. It’s an


Supposition that is not shared by all cultures, nor by all members of our own culture.20
18. There’s evidence that modesty is not related to nakedness at all, but is rather a reply to seeming
Distinct in the remaining social group–for instance, outside the recognized of clothing or adornment.21
By way of example, native tribes naked except for ear and lip plugs feel immodest when the stoppers are
removed, not when their bodies are exposed.22 Additionally, a girl feels immodest if seen in her chemise, even though
it’s far less revealing than her bikini.23 This also explains why clothed visitors to nudist parks feel uneasy in
their state of apparel. click . Bogardus writes: “Nakedness is never black when it’s unconscious,
Which is, when there’s no awareness of a difference between fact as well as the rule determined by the mores.” In other words,

for first-time visitors into a…

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