Based on Bosio, Laymon was agitated, threatening and confrontational. He did not shoot my picture at that time but did yell at some workers to remember me if I came back on their property. He accused me of being part of the group vandalizing his equipment and stirring up trouble.


Bosio had no idea what A Night Of Naturism At The Museum Of Sex was talking about. Just a little while afterwards, Laymon came down onto the strand, photographing him and yelling about sending fifty of his Hawaiian bruddahs down next week to take back the strand. For the record Bruce Laymon is NOT Hawaiian.
Beachgoers trying to leave Lepe’uli Beach on May, 21, 2011 via the lateral, coastal trail simply to find it fenced away.
We are going to run The Vagina Cafe Concert in Poland haoles out of here. That is all you f***ing haoles do is come down here, get naked, and leave all kinds of shit back here in woods! Reports Bosio while supposedly quoting Laymon.
Bruce Laymon, a cattle rancher and his landlord, Waioli Corporation, had been given a permit by Laura Thielen, then-chairperson of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources on February…

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