Like we did, after they attempt naturism in its purest form, they feel the love, approval and receptiveness of naturism. They experience its relaxing and healing power. The first layers of onion skin are pared back and the inhibitions start to melt away. They understand there is more and in their stark nakedness they’ve been disclosed as the essentially sexual beings that they are.


Naturists are not asexual humanoid units. We are wonderful beings of raw sexuality and that is how we fall upon each other as nude brothers and sisters of ages and backgrounds. Underneath the layers of fabric we are all sexual beings by nature.

Many members of the naturist community gradually realize there’s considerably more to naturism than simply being naked. It’s about learning who they’re. They truly know (many for the first time) that they’re not just individuals who have sex – learn that they’re sex and sexual beings. They begin to actually accept themselves, their bodies, their sexuality and the same in young teen nudists . They’re able to break the silence. They could discuss, discover, learn, and grow. How refreshing!
Could it be that sex education is an area where the naturist community could advance? An area where we’re able to develop expertise beyond the occasionally inhibited…

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