Will there be really A Naked Heaven?


Naked Heaven:

Naturism may be the earthy example to some celestial future; in fact, I believe it is imminent. Consider the truth that God didn’t give Adam and Eve clothes until after He placed thorns and thistles in the ground. Note that at no time did God condemn Adam and Eve being naked; He gave them coats of skin, so the world would not hurt their physical bodies while working the ground to get something to eat.
When God created man, he created him naked; this is because the body can perform its functions the greatest when we are naked. Symbolically, individuals were without sin when God created them and they remained without sin until chapter 3 of Genesis. When God creates for us a new heaven and a brand new earth, there will be no more hex (Rev 22:3). God did not condemn Adam and Eve for being bare…

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