Naturism And Naturists Defined and Explained


Learning about naturism and naturists in the experts at FKK:
Before we begin describing and defining naturism and naturists, here are a few posts you may want to read first. These articles will give you the terms that are used in the naturist world as good as some basic facts about naturism:
Naturism and Naturist Dictionary
Why Naturism Improves Self Esteem
Naturism and Kids
Naturism and Girls / Women
Naturist Resorts
Young Naturists and Youthful Naturism
Naturist Organizations
Naturist Defined
Naturism and Sexuality
What is the Definition of Naturism?
Naturism is formally defined as: The practice of going naked in designated places. That is the dictionary definition.
Another commonly mentioned definition of the word “naturism” comes in the International Naturist Federation: A lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterized by self respect of people who have different views and of the environment.
Within the naturist community…

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