There had been another Blacks Beach Bears about a decade before the present avatar. Among the members of their group, Lloyd Johnson requested first creator Al Spencer if he could give us his blessing to use exactly the same name. He did and they used the original emblem until 2006 when Lloyd designed a new one because of their flag, depending on the first.


The greatest picnic they’d drew just over 200 individuals, though they haven’t any idea how many of them were part of the Bares. However , if the state park recently revoked the Cahill policy, nudity at state beaches became formally prohibited, though park rangers have already been hesitant to enforce it.
But with a media obsessed with exploiting nudism, and naturist groups just getting any air time, Dave and the Black’s Beach Bares were really active in giving interviews. Case in point: a story on The Weather Channel’s “SoCal Lifeguards” featured the subject, “why people love nudist beaches.

“My answer to that question was, everybody has their own rationale. For me it is just comfy. I’m very self-conscious wearing a swimsuit. I’m only more comfortable without one.”
“Later they asked us what we thought of the lifeguards. We told them we adored them as tell us, the very best physic…

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