I felt the vulnerability to do a demo in front of a group with all eyes on me and my body. I felt hidden places of shame that, as I moved nude through the practice, continued to be disclosed month after month. I have no bogus delusions that naked is the lone way to practice yoga. The practice of yoga itself is inherently trans-formative. While one does not need to be nude in the practice to find it transformation, I found the fast track to transformation for me contained nudity.


I needed that much raw attention on my body to keep me both present and embodied. Being nude brought me out of the idea of what http://videonudism.com/young/spy-sex-beach.php thought yoga was or should be. One doesn’t have to be naked to experience yoga, just as one doesn’t have to practice yoga to accomplish enlightenment. There are many roads up the mountain. This is mine. I walk it naked.
About the Author: Isis Phoenix is a lusty shaman, yoga teacher and community herbalist. She is now writing the book Asana Exposed that shares the stories of those people who have seen transformation through the naked yoga practice.
This article about Naked Yoga and the transformation powers of Doing Yoga in The Nude was written by Isis Phoenix for – Young Naturists and Young Naturists America FKK
Tags: body image, bare yoga, spirituality
Class: Naked Yoga and Unclothed Yoga, Social Nudity Blogs

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