Part 1 of My Naturist Blog Series: “Least Likely to Become a Nudist”


First Naturist Blog By Nick Alimonos About Becoming a Nudist
Become a Nudist – Anyone who knew me as a child would never envision my writing this memoir. Without a doubt, I might have already been voted “least likely to become a naturist” if this kind of group existed in my third grade yearbook.
You’ve got to start with my mother, who was the polar opposite of hippie on the human spectrum of styles. She suffered from a really real case of OCD, and among her many obsessions was proper appearance, and with how her family should dress. I occasionally felt like a doll. Shorts were a rarity in our household, except for use at the playa, and sandals made you look “low class.” Going barefoot on anything but carpet caused arthritis pain later in life. My closet was stuffed with button down Polos, as well as in bed, I…

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