Societal Nudity Laws – Societal nudity or naturism / naturism while widely accepted and even supported in many European states, is still fighting an uphill battle in america. Naturists have been accused of endorsing pornography, child sexual abuse, and many other offenses as a result of their chosen lifestyle.


Naturists have been pushed for decades to hide their lifestyle from individuals around The Popularity of Naturism In Canada & Introduction of a Fresh Young Naturist Group , which in itself makes people believe they are embarrassed, or have something to be ashamed of. Naturists don’t go about without clothes for lascivious motives; it’s part and parcel of their system of beliefs. Many states have laws forbidding naturists, or Are Girls Preventing Each Other From Becoming Nude and Practicing Self Love? from using public beaches, national parks, or other recreational facilities. Most lawmakers understand that that is unfair, but as naturists make up the minority of their vote, they would effectively be courting political suicide to fight for their rights.
There are places throughout the US that have areas set aside for clothes optional use, although there is a continuous struggle between the “textile” community and the seeing naturists. To…

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