Naturist Movement: More Acceptance, Less Body Shame


Blog written by: LoganGreen
Body Shame And Nudism:
Body ShameIn Greco-Roman history, nudism was viewed as the perfect state, the pure state. The human body was viewed as elegant, beautiful,naked and divine. Nowadays, the only time we’re enabled to be naked and no one makes a big deal about it’s when we’re infants, but even this doesn’t last very long.
While reaching early childhood, nudity is viewed as a private matter, and it’s black to be seen nude in public. I remember being around my parents and hearing them get upset because my niece and nephew (who was between 6-7 years of age) was getting ready for in the living room.
My mother mechanically remarked and told them they can not change in front of each other and need to get ready for bed in the bathroom, hence applying that nudity is shameful and should remain private.

This greatly…

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