The Urban Dictionary Goes Nekkid By FKK


Nudist Portal got some Nekkid terms in the Urban Dictionary!
FUN NEWS: I have been adding new nekkid slang words to our nudism dictionary and into Urban Dictionary!
Check out our new and improved Nudist Dictionary list under slang, including words for example:
Nekkid Urban Dictionary – Naked Hipster to Nude-ster
UNCLOTHED-STER: A naturist hipster. Challenging to identify since they’re not wearing any clothes.

“Man, that guy is undoubtedly a unclothed-ster”
“I don’t know, man, he’s not wearing anything, gotta look at the hair..”
CUPBOARD NATURIST: someone who always hangs out naked at home or spends time in naturist areas, while keeping it a secret from close family and/or friends or everyone they understand.
“Why did Mike sprint away when he saw that guy at the nude beach?”
“Cuz he believed he recognized him from the area, and Mike is a total cabinet nudist!”
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