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  1. Unless there medical grounds, circumcision is a matter of choice for an adult. If you are afraid of the surgery but are comfortable with the look this may be of help. To feel truly nude circumcision is best. It is cosmetically appealing, so very comfortable and very healthy! And believe me, adult circumcision is not painful but the healing time of 8 weeks is! i.e. abstain from sex & masturbation (actually l couldn’t wait more than 2weeks and found l could cum by very gentle massage away from the wound with some rubbing of the pee slit). Most importantly, get it right the first time (go for low & tight! & use lots of lube to masturbate). Remedial circ’s are usually a lot more expensive as repeat surgery musy avoid existing scar tissue and will be, of course, another 8 weeks out of action!!! Have courage, do not yield to pressure, talk to cut guys about sensitivity issues. Sensation will be different but nicer and longer lasting. And remember too that the physical contact will be direct! I never liked ‘socks’ in bed or at the beach! Total nudity is so nice. Naturist Will.

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