Strange Rules and Little-Known Etiquette for Nudist Colonies

Naked and Happy

Ok, I hate the term nudist colonies. It feels as this was a kind of a sect or secret cult. Then the use of strange seems to mean that this is a kind of a weird places. Any nudist club or resort is neither a sect nor a weird place. It’s a just a place where people live their own lives while enjoying total nudity.

However, the post Strange Rules and Little-Known Etiquette for Nudist Colonies is much better than its title implies. It describes the unknown rules to non naturist that are applied to almost all the nudist resorts in the world, and uses wonderful paintings to introduce each of it. Let’s list the 12 rules described in this post:

  1. No Lingerie, Underwear, or Suggestive Attire. There’s nothing sexual in naturism. Not naturists do not enjoy sex, they do, like most human beings, but being socially naked does…

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