Reader’s post: Megan-A’s coming out

An anonymous reader we shall call “Megan-A” sends in this delightful single pic of her fully-shaved pussy along with a little confession, and a tease. She says… I’ve always been insecure about my darker lips, so I let my bush grow. I’ve enjoyed your photos for years and finally worked up the courage to removeContinue reading “Reader’s post: Megan-A’s coming out”

Bare Vintage Gallery #3!

Bare pride! Today’s theme: Bare Vintage Gallery #3: Trio or More! Encouragement! Sometimes, we find the old adage, “the more the merrier…” as somewhat confusing and misleading. However, when we look at the men from “back in the day” featured in today’s collection, we no longer have any doubts on what wisdom prevails! A proudContinue reading “Bare Vintage Gallery #3!”