Nudism is great! Here are monetary (financial and economic) benefits of nudism

Nudism is a great lifestyle. It is good for all of us. We need to positively promote nudism. I am ready to have a nudist revolution in the world to make nudism normal. Nudism is full of benefits. I can post more benefits later on, as for now I am doing the posting of theContinue reading “Nudism is great! Here are monetary (financial and economic) benefits of nudism”

Nude Across America Pt.22: Another Roadside Attraction

2021-07-11 Michigan is actually a beautiful state. I do have to get past the old towns and cities, where there is deterioration and of course, along with it renewal. For me, much of them lack charm. Heading upstate to Leelanua Peninsula, near Travis City, has its striking moments along with economic blight, which refect upsContinue reading “Nude Across America Pt.22: Another Roadside Attraction”

“Let’s make social nudity mainstream” in 18 languages

This is how to say “let’s make social nudity mainstream” in 18 different languages! They are the languages I wish to be fluent in. I can make fluency in them happen in the future with longer lives and more technology. May the translations be 100 percent accurate, or if not, may they be corrected byContinue reading ““Let’s make social nudity mainstream” in 18 languages”

Por favor firmen mis peticiones de Care2 sobre el nudismo (están en inglés)

Hice peticiones acerca del nudismo y necesito que más personas las firmen. No importa quien eres y dónde vives; debes de firmarlas! Con la excepción de la de Arkansas, son para todo el mundo como la meta! Aquí están los enlances: – para hacer la desnudez social lo convencional – para aumentar elContinue reading “Por favor firmen mis peticiones de Care2 sobre el nudismo (están en inglés)”

La FFN et la campagne présidentielle

La fédération française de naturisme, au travers de sa présidente, a adressé une lettre ouverte aux candidats à l’élection présidentielle française. En tant que naturistes, je ne peux que soutenir ces propositions: Réécriture de l’article 222-32 pour en supprimer l’ambiguïté d’interprétation moraliste et clairement différencier nudité simple et exhibition sexuelle. Sensibilisation des forces de l’ordreContinue reading “La FFN et la campagne présidentielle”

Do you have a naked meditation practice?

I have been doing a yoga and meditation practice with a beginner to asana based yoga who had a meditation practice but not asana. We do a beginner practice followed by 5-15 minutes of mindful meditation sometimes guided sometimes not. Do you practice meditation along with your asana practice? Do you have a naked meditationContinue reading “Do you have a naked meditation practice?”